The Drawn Together Art Collective unites two  female artists, who found friendship and a shared creative vision in a South London studio. Influenced by a love of nature and their surroundings, the duo combined, enabling them to embark on various projects, including gallery displays, market stalls and collaborations. Although working closely together, the individual members manage to retain personal identities of artistic style and expression, allowing their art to be accessible to all. 




Rebecca Hunter

Drawn Together Art Collective Art Prints Rebecca Hunter London Print B&W Black and White

Inspired by large cities and finding order in chaos, Rebecca's vibrant pen and ink technique, together with the odd splash of colour, lead to an exciting array of modern cityscapes. Painting intimate architectural studies, from her travels both home and away, what begins as a simple outline transforms in to a bustling scene filled with jostling light, tone and structure. 




Maria Nilsson


Drawn Together Art Collective Art Prints Maria Nilsson Bird Art Print Scandinavian

Heavily influenced by the natural world, with a subtle hint of Scandinavian style, Maria enjoys exploring the various tactile qualities of colour, pattern and texture. Through stamp design and paper cut-outs, to highly intricate detailed illustrations, Maria's sensitive and thoughtful designs seem to grow organically, forming layers of intrigue, providing a beautiful, fresh, contemporary appeal.